how to grow carrots at home

How to Grow Carrot at Home in India (Step by Step Guide)

Carrot is a root vegetable that is usually orange in color. There are different colors of carrots available apart from the usual orange one. It is a biennial plant of the Apiaceae family and is a good source of Vitamin K and Vitamin B6. Carrots are used in salads, to make chutney, and also used in pickles. They can also be eaten raw as well as cooked. Today, we will learn how to grow carrots at home in India.

The carrot plant can broadly be classified into two types- Eastern Carrots and Western Carrots. The Eastern type was mainly grown in and around Afghanistan and Iran during the 10th Century. They were commonly purple and yellow in color and exists to date. The Western type emerged in the Netherlands around the 17th Century which is most abundantly available now. Yes, you are right! It was the same orange color carrot which we eat now.

Hence, it is extremely essential to have a carrot garden at your home especially in a country like India to increase the availability of the vegetable. In India, we use carrots almost in every cuisine. It is extremely popular. In this article, we will tell you how to get your very own personalized carrot garden. So, let’s get started!

Requirements for Growing Carrot at Home in India

  1. Life Cycle – Biennial (Harvested twice a year)
  2. Flowering Season – Spring
  3. Height – Stem (60cm – 100cm), Root (10cm – 25cm)
  4. Sowing Season – August to October. To get bright-colored carrots plant them immediately after the monsoon season sets in.
  5. Sunlight – The plant needs partial sunlight. It needs 3 to 4 hours of exposure to the sun at a stretch.
  6. Water – Moderate. Let the previous water get soaked in before watering the plant again.
  7. Temperature – 20 to 30 degree Celsius.
  8. Type of Soil – Well Drenched sandy or loamy soil is best for the growth of these plants. So, mix the soil up with finer pieces of plant material to get the best results.

Let us proceed on to know about the materials needed before growing the plant.

Materials Needed to grow Carrot at Home in India

  • Five to Six Carrots
  • A flower pot with the following dimensions: 12 inches deep and 20 inches in length
  • Sandy or well drenched loamy Soil ideally enriched with compost because loamy soil is great for the growth of carrots
  • Lastly, our list gets completed with Liquid Fertilizer

Steps to grow Carrot Plant at Home in India

Step 1

Choose your desired carrots and chop off the top part. Save some when you are cooking and plant them in the soil instead of throwing them away.

Step 2

We will start with planting the five or six carrot tops in a container filled with water to let them sprout and germinate. When they germinate transfer them to a pot or in a kitchen garden with adequate good soil. Then plant the cut-off carrots about 1cm deep in the soil. This is done so as to make the plant germinate as fast as within 2 to 3 weeks.

Step 3

Make provision for adequate drainage in the pot or garden with small stones or gravel spread in the soil. If you are planting a few plants in the garden make sure to keep a distance of 15cm between the plant to let the plants breathe.

Step 4

Reduce the spacing between the plants to 8cm apart only when the leaves start to appear on the top part of the carrot. This is done mostly to increase the size of the carrots. If you do not thin the plants you can enjoy small baby carrots instead of huge ones.

Step 5

It is feasible to grow carrots in a pot indoors as well. Take care of the plant in this case by giving the plants their daily dose of water and at least 3 to 4 hours of sunlight for its healthy growth. It is highly recommended to move the plant to the garden in this case once the plants are 1 to 2 weeks old. This facilitates the spacious and scientific growth of the plants.

Step 6

Water the plants at least once or twice a week for their healthy growth. Include some liquid fertilizer in the water to facilitate the healthy growth of the carrot plants.

How to Harvest Carrot at Home in India

A carrot plant takes about 2 to 3 months to grow fully. Wait for the plant to grow 2 to 3 inches high. Store them in a container after Harvesting them for later use.

  • In order to harvest the vegetable, you need to dig out of the topsoil around the roots of the plant and pull the vegetable out with mild force.
  • Keep in mind not to pull the carrot by the foliage because only the leaves will come out if you do this. you need to grab the vegetables and pull them out.
  • Once you finish up collecting all the carrots put them in a basket or container and just give them a wash before directly consuming them raw or putting them in any cuisine as the carrots can contain worms and dirt if they are consumed unwashed.

Storing Carrots at Home

We Indians like to use carrots in every cuisine possible like salads, Gajar ka Halwa, Cakes, and muffins. Even we use carrots to prepare health drinks like Kanji. Therefore, we always need to have a steady supply of carrots at home always. In this aspect, the storing of carrots is of utmost importance after its Harvest.

You can store fresh carrots for up to 21 days at room temperature. They should be tightly sealed up in plastic bags and kept in refrigerators for better longevity. You can store the carrots in a big bucket and bury them in your back yard or keep them in a very cool room.

Hope you had fun trying and growing carrots by yourself. Positively let me know in the comment section below if you got nice positive results. Hope you liked this article. I will come back with the next one pretty soon. Till then, Happy Growing and Harvesting!

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